Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tired, like my cat

Yup, I'm tired. After a few weeks of traveling it will be good to be home for a while. The trips all went well and I completed my San Antonio mission with nary a taco in sight.

Although, I was really tempted at the airport when all I had all day was a couple of breakfast bars and the delta wouldn't let me fly standby. I had checked my bag and you now have to "fly with your bags". That bag weighed a gazillion tons. Steel toes and paperwork will do that, I did carry it on on the way down, but I couldn't get it back out of the overhead compartment without some help. It is kind of hard to lift a gazillion pounds over your head. So, I decided not to cart it all over the airport and check it instead. Next time, I'll just be a nuisance to all and drag that bag behind me. Some kind, tall, gentleman will have to help me get it down from the overhead compartment. I'm sure I would take someone out, most likely myself, if I tried to get it down.

These first two pictures are of Rover, as you can see he is tired too. It is tough trying to escape from his human enforced torture. He really feels that it is unfair that we keep him trapped inside of our place. So, he protests. First by crying at the door, and when he is exhausted he just lays there. This usually continues until he gets hungry, a 20+ pound cat has to eat, you know. The crying used to bother M and I, its not like Rover doesn't have a good life. Plenty to eat, plenty of soft places to nap, a sister to play with, lots of cat toys to position so M and I step on them in the middle of the get my drift. Now, we just take out his leash. Rover hates his leash (see #9), but it is the only way we will let him out. That usually stops the crying and no one ends up going outside.

His sister on the other hand, looks pretty cute when she sleeps. Not that she can't be an imp too.

So, to finish up my dining experience in San Antonio:

Wednesday: Chinese place by work for lunch, it wasn't bad, wasn't great, either. The Liberty Bar for dinner. Which once again did not disappoint. We had the fromage plate as an app. With lots of gooey brie and three other types of cheese, dried cherries, and really good almonds to snack on it was delicious. I had a grilled duck salad for dinner. The duck was nicely seasoned and grilled and placed on a bed of greens, dressed pretty simply with a lemon vinaigrette. The salad was also topped with some apple and orange slices and a few more of those dried cherries. Yummy! We then headed over to the mall for the bookstore and Amy's ice cream. (warning: only click on this link if you want to be annoyed)

Thursday: Left over Jason's Deli from a team training at work for lunch. The Barn Door for dinner. After four days I had run out of ideas, so my coworker remembered this place from when he was in San Antonio last. It took us a while to find it, but definitely worth it. Restaurant and Meat Market, and it had good Met. I had a heart attack on a plate for dinner, filet wrapped on house smoked bacon and a twice baked potato stuffed with more of the bacon and cheese. Mmmm... to make it not a complete heart attack, I had a side of mushrooms (with wine and butter sauce) these were awesome too, and a salad, see perfectly healthy meal.

On the way back to the hotel, on Anneathema's suggestion, we stopped at the Olmos Pharmacy for a milkshake, or should I say Bharmacy... yup, not a spelling error. The Olmos Pharmacy has re-opened as the Olmos Bharmacy. My true disappointment in this, was not so much in the bad pun, but the fact that the soda fountain closed at 4 because the night staff didn't know how to make milkshakes. Totally lame, my 5 year old niece could make a fantastic milkshake, if her mom would let her near the blender. I went back to the hotel and had a Haagen-dazs ice cream bar to drown my sorrows.

Last, but not least, my new project:
Don't you love the stitch! It will eventually be a baby blanket for some friends. So far it has been slow going, but I think it will turn out well.

Now I'm off to bake a cake for M's birthday. The old man turned 31 this week.

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