Tuesday, June 24, 2008

San Antonio Challenge...

Yes, on my 4th trip of the year down to the lovely state of Texas and the city of San Antonio, my co-worker and I issued a challenge...


Now, being here for a week, that is quite a challenge. Especially since both of us are foodies and the tex-mex around here is pretty good, but if you don't watch it, you end up eating beans and rice all week. Here is how we are doing so far:

Monday: hotel breakfast, Chili's be the airport for lunch, Bill Miller's BBQ (at work) for dinner. Nothing stellar, but no tex mex.

Tuesday: no breakfast (I prefered sleeping in and a breakfast bar), Jason's Deli (at work) for lunch, and Boudro's for dinner. Where I had some pretty awesome stuffed quail and a margarita. We did order the house specialty guac for the table, but that doesn't count.

So, no Tex-Mex so far. We did take the intern down to the Riverwalk and the Alamo. Another goal for this trip maybe to actually get to the Alamo before it closes in the evening. I've been there at least 4 times now, but still have not been inside the gates.

Just remember, San Antonio is a tourist destination, or so says the bossman. Even if it is still over 80 degrees at 10:30 PM.

Hmm... wonder why I wasn't rushing down here to spend my entire summer.

One last shout out to the Veg, who chose to go to the Windy City instead of being here with me this week. The "Secret Great Eats" in the hotel room mag, included three restaurants. The Mad Hatter Tea House and Cafe, The Liberty Bar, and P.F. Chang's. While, I'm not sure a chain (P.F. Chang's) can be considered "Secret Eats". On our first trip to San Antonio this year we did end up hitting both of the other establishments for fine meals, thanks to the Veg and her iphone. I'll be headed back to the Liberty Bar this week for another mojito and their fine fromage.


Anneathema said...

Wow! you found the Mad Hatter!

That place opened while I was in college... then closed for what seemed like forever (I kept taking friends there when I'd visit SA only to find it shut.) Do you still pick out your antique tea cup from a bookcase?

Is real Mexican ok if you're just avoiding TexMex? I have plenty of recommendations for that.

Go to Olmos Pharmacy and get a milkshake and a cherry vanilla coke.

Zilla said...

Hmm... real mexican. It could be ok, if it is truly mexican. After all, we did eat texan last night. What are your suggestions?

I forgot about the Olmos pharmacy. We're planning on going to the Liberty Bar for dinner. Maybe we will head there for dessert. :) I've been craving ice cream in the 100F weather!

Zilla said...

BTW... I'm still disturbed that P.F. Chang's made the "Secret Eats" list