Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting close!

I am working on scheduling movers for Thursday. Hopefully we will have our C/O on Tuesday...

here is a couple of pics for you:

Standing in the dining room looking at the front door. I think I am going to love all the light!

The fan in the family room

Walking up to the roof

The front deck

the kitchen...we must be getting close, see I have a dish washer!

I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories with the move. Now, back to packing!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How much does M love me...

As he said to me last night, "If you had any doubt that I love you, this week should prove it."
And I believed him.

So, I'm sure you're asking, what on earth happened this week??

Well, he literally moved the earth for me.

No, not all of it, but about 12 cubic yards of it up 66 stairs on his back two buckets at a time. Yes, the poor man has been going through back breaking labor to make the roofs of our new house green for me. (or so he says, I think he may want green roofs too, but please don't ask him for a few weeks!)

While, no photos were taken of the yoke system he set up to carry the buckets. (you can picture two 5 gallon pails tied together by a moving strap. The strap was then stretched over a length of 2x4. He then lifted that contraption onto his shoulders and hefted it up the stairs)

this is M filling his contraption with dirt

I did, however, take pictures when I helped out on Sunday.

Here is us covering the lower roof with dirt:

Step 1: Build a pulley system. We used an extension ladder and counterbalanced it with our decking panels for the upper roof and a bag of cement

Step 2: M fills a 5 gallon pail with dirt

Step 3: He attaches it to the pulley system

Step 4: he uses the pulley to haul the bucket up to me.

Step 5: I catch the bucket, take it off the pulley system and attach an empty bucket. (the bucket here is waiting for its trip down)

Proof it was actually me on the roof.

Step 6: repeat, repeat, repeat.

So, in the course of a Sunday, our lower roof went from:


to this

to this

and finally this

Along the way it was not all fun and games, but we really pulled through and worked as a team. The only lasting effects are the dirt covered roof and my bruised thighs, from catching the buckets.

BTW, I truly think M had the tough end of the stick on Sunday and he is still hauling dirt tonight. While, he had been behind on his friendship dues...I think this might have caught him up and then some. I happen to see a massage, or two, and some jello cake in his future!