Saturday, June 21, 2008

One last post on the flood

I've been in Denver, where the mothership makes it difficult for me to get to my personal accounts, unless I decide to lug another computer through security (not my idea of a good time). This does lead me to think about getting an iphone, or an eee pc. Both would be better than lugging a second full size laptop around. If my traveling keeps up, I may have to stop talking about it an actually go out and purchase something.

Anyway, back to the flood.

A few more pics and a video for you. It sounds like everything is beginning to recover in WI, but downstream things are getting a whole lot worse. Bud, finally came through (granted it was last Saturday when he sent me the pictures, I'm the true slacker). He spent most of the weekend watching the flood waters near the house.

Let's just say not normal on this one, do you see the "sticks" in the water behind the tree in the middle, that is the corner post on our fence, usually well above and away from the water.

The fox river begins as a small stream a few miles from here, does this look like a small stream to you?? Normally, it is maybe 10-20 feet across (I have never been good at estimating distance, that is one of the reasons I keep M around) anyway, a whole lot smaller.

This is the last of Bud's pictures. When looking at this one, the bridge in picture 2 is just to the left and running up the picture, if that makes any sense. Either way, the historical marker / sign is not supposed to be in the water. In fact, I can't even tell you where the water is supposed to be, except that it is supposed to be behind the sign and not surrounding the trees on what once was the far bank (including the willow).

One last image, Dad sent me this one this morning. If you have not seen the houses fall into Lake Delton as it drains, this is pretty impressive, pretty scary too.

All-in-all it has been some pretty interesting times for my home town lately. Mum is still not able to get to work on 33, but I think has found some alternatives. The jail escapee was found in Illinois. It is no longer taking hours to get across town. Things are beginning to get back to normal.


Anneathema said...

Wow. Just wow.

Those poor people. Can you imagine watching that happen to your home?

Zilla said...

It is absolute craziness. I'm still amazed that people weren't hurt. You can always recover from a loss of property. Still, though it is incredible and traumatic.