Friday, June 13, 2008

The Flood Continues

While some of the water has receded, my hometown got another downpour on Thursday night. Here is my list of the top 4 stories:


The only underpass in town, affectionately called "the subway" flooded


The Rev's Dad, Mr. Doorknob (and yes that is what I call him and have since I was 14 or so) got stopped for the light in Poynette. The only issue being that the light was in Portage, 12 miles away. This was due to all of the flooded and closed roads.

Just to make things even more fun for Mr. Doorknob, his office is on one side of the subway, and his house on the other. I think he may have had to drive all the way out to my parent's house to get home!


The Original Wisconsin Ducks, first used in WWII for military operations. From then until the 2008 floods have been used to ferry tourists around the Wisconsin Dells and through Lake Delton*. Are back at work ferrying FEMA personnel and rescuing people in Baraboo as the Baraboo river continues to rise. You can find pictures here.

* Side note: My one and only Duck Ride was with the Rev where we watched her brother propose to his wife in the middle of Lake Delton. Now that lake is gone. (boy that sounds dire)


Inmate sees the flood as golden opportunity and alludes the police by hiding out in Wal-Mart.

I actually have to give this guy some props. He escaped while they were transporting him to the county jail. Ran a few blocks into "the gully", our local sledding hole, and then some how got all the way across town and into Wal-Mart. There he changed his clothes and is currently still at large.

Thanks again to the Portage Daily Register and the ducks website for pictures.

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