Sunday, March 29, 2009

Progress update

south side of the house
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I went a little crazy with the picture taking, so check out all the action on my flickr site. The drywall is up and the taping is finished!! I toured the whole house today taking pictures. It actually looks like someone could live there soon!

And that is a good thing. T-1month, from today, we are supposed to be in!

I can't believe that we missed BACONFEST '09

yes, some times it is good to live in the south.

A whole festival devoted to bacon. Could there be anything better?? I'm sorry I missed it this year and will have to go with all my bacon lovin' friends next year. Wanna join me?

Help, I'm stuck in a mountain of furniture!

It has finally stopped raining in Atlanta and everyone is out and about. This is what I saw at the grocery store today. I don't know if I've ever seen a stuffed dog quite that big before!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


March 20, 2009
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I thought you might like to see the outside of the house as well.

Yes, we finally have stucco too!

Drywall and lots of it

Yesterday morning M stopped at the house on his way to work and gave me a call. He said, "I just want to warn you, they are putting the drywall in, everything is going to feel smaller".

I'm of the opinion that it may feel smaller, but it is all progress and needs to be done if we are going to move in by April 29th.
The only room that felt really small to me was the office, everything else is just looking fantastic. This picture doesn't actually do the drywaller's justice as they had the rest of the house practically finished in 1 day!

I have a feeling that by the end of the day today the dry wall will be in and they will begin finishing it.

Oh, BTW, the guys at work are starting a pool for when we will actually be moved in. The only day they will let me have is the 29th. Any takers?

Yes, Virginia, there is insulation


I am actually about a week behind in blogging about this, so expect another post in about 10 minutes, but whoohooo!

I recently, gave our GC a firm deadline. Something along the lines of "we will be moved in by April 29th" and look what happens. Progress and lots of it!!

Stay tune for more exciting news!