Saturday, August 23, 2008

My "jet-setting" lifestyle

So, my boss came up to me last week and said "do you want to go to Neenah next Friday?" Well, usually in those cases it is best to just say "yes". So I did and started thinking about staying over on Friday night and visiting with my sister. Well, that's not quite what happened yesterday.

I couldn't stay over because I was riding up and back on the corporate plane. yup, me with a bunch of big-wigs on a plane for 4 hours yesterday. Now, I have to say, despite the big-wigs. and in actuality they are all really nice people and easy to talk to. This is the way to travel. The plane took off at 7AM, so my boss told me to be there by 6:30. No waiting! No security! no liquid carry-on limits, no lines, and a continental breakfast to boot. The food was way better than first class.

The plane was kind of like what you would see in the movies, with the highly polished wood cabinets and doors, four captain's chairs, and two couches that ran the rest of the length of the plane. Pretty comfy.

Despite the fact that I wasn't allowed to bring my knitting and my headphones and hide in the corner, the ride up and back went well. We mostly just ate and chatted. The Olympics was the hot topic of conversation.

For some reason, I don't think my next trip will be quite so comfy.


A & W said...

What, no photos?

Zilla said...

I tried to sneak some in. But, it is had to look professional with a camera around your neck!