Thursday, August 28, 2008

The joys of living in L5P...

So, M and I had a great night tonight. We got home drove over to the Glenwood and had a nice dinner.

I have to say though, the place looks completely different when you are sober. The last time I was there was (I think) Ash's birthday. I think it was our third or fourth stop of the night. Let's just say a good time was had by all.

(back to tonight)

We sat on the back deck had a nice meal. They have fabulous food. I had a great Caesar salad and M had some rabbit Brunswick stew. Both were very yummy. We then took a little walk through EAV and drove home.

Now, Moreland is under construction, so traffic was a little snarly and we finally were able to turn onto our street. Just as we are about to approach our entrance. A few guys deliberately walked out in front of us. So I honked at them and got called (earmuffs) a fuckin' bitch. I then proceed to try to turn into our drive and another fine upstanding citizen proceeds to call me again (earmuffs) a fuckin' bitch. And give me a 5 minute diatribe on how I almost ran him over. Now, since I just stopped ever so patiently for the a**holes crossing in front of me. I could not have been going that fast. Besides the fact that I was still in the street, not even touching the sidewalk and the guy had to walk towards the car with his fingers raised just so we could hear him. M and I kind of stared the guy down and he eventually moved on.

Anyway, the combination of the two kind of ruined the mood of our night. I just wish people were a little more conciensous of others, even if they are in cars. It seems to me that some people just like to come to our neck of the woods to act "cool". While the ambiance and mood of L5Ps are the few of the reasons we live here. Cool does not equal nasty and rude.

Well. tomorrow's another day. And I took it off. I'm not going to let the interlopers ruin my 4 day weekend.


Maribeth said...

sorry Ding and I couldn't join you...we didn't get home from work until later.

..and that picture of the angel food cake in the previous post is tormenting me!!!


Zilla said...

Well, we still have some left and we'll share. Are you guys around this weekend?

JuliaG said...

Graham and I were in the middle of some annoying, loud mouth, fighting punks outside your lofts today too. graham definitely heard his quota of "fuckin' fucker" for the month...too bad, as I like to reserve that quota for myself!

Zilla said...

We'll I'm glad the punks like to spread the love around...I'm really looking forward to all the interlopers this weekend!!