Wednesday, August 27, 2008

if 10 eggwhites don't make a meringue, then i'm not sure what does...

And so begins my foray in to angelfood cake making.

Now, the story begins long ago with my mum telling me that you should make every cake from scratch except for an angelfood cake. "it is just too much work". I watched our foreign exchange student attempted it when I was in junior high and her cake ended up about 2" high. So, I've basically stuck with my mum's advice. Until Monday night.

I've been reading a lot of Sheri's blog It's Just Not Dinner Without Cat Hair (the story of my life too) and came across this recipe. An angelfood cake! Now, M is a texture eater and it has been a real struggle for him with me taking the wheat out of the house. Everything is a "little grainy", "too gummy" or "just not right". When I found this, I thought it might actually work. M loves angelfood cake and it is mainly eggwhites, so the texture shouldn't change too much.

A dozen eggs later (to get 10 egg whites) and a powdery mess from all of the sifting I had one beautiful angelfood cake baking away in the oven. It baked and rose high and actually stayed pretty tall when it was done.

So, how to serve it?? With lightly sweetened strawberries and creme anglaise, afterall I had 10 egg yolks too. And I fully believe that the whole egg should be together. So, I whipped up a quick creme anglaise from my new favorite gastronomy book, What Einstein Told His Cook 2. Unfortunately I did not have the whole milk and used skim instead. I ended up cooking it in the microwave for a bit to thicken. I thickened it too much, but a quick pass through a mesh strainer and the lumps are mostly gone!

So for this month's Sugar High Friday, I submit not a meringue, but a G-F Angelfood Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Creme Anglaise.

Just don't tell A & J that I had a piece before knitting night. I had to get the picture!! And I'll have another when I get there!


MightEmite said...

That looks delicious!!

I loved to bake growing up and attempted to make I don't know how many angel food cakes that ended up 1-2" tall. It took me about 20 yrs to realize that even though the recipe calls for ONLY 1/8 tsp of cream of tartar, the cream of tartar is the trick to getting that thing to rise. Who knew such a small amount of something could make such a big difference!

Zilla said...

It is amazing stuff!!