Friday, August 29, 2008

Day off!

Well, I had a great day. I lazed around in the morning doing my favorite "sick day" things. Sleeping in, lounging in my pajamas with the kitties on the couch, watching the today show...

It was fabulous!

I then got my act together and went down to city hall to pick up our approved plot!! When I got home M was there, he had taken the afternoon off. We ran over to Decatur and had a nice lunch at Taqueria Del Sol and were able to walk our approved plot through Dekalb county. I have to say that the county is so much easier than the city. We walked to the courthouse and got the plot recorded in the plat book and then over to the GSI department and were done in 1 hour! That is so amazing when it has taken the city a full month to get our plot approved.

We then got the copies made and brought them back to the city to be distributed. Spoke with the zoning lady and set up an appointment with her for next week. This forward progress means we might actually be able to break ground in the next few weeks!

How much do you want to be that it will happen when I am in San Antonio??

Lastly, my favorite sister (okay, my only sister) has started a blog check it out!


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Thanks, we are moving forward ... even if it doesn't always seem that way.