Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Please Help the SCC preserve climbing areas in the Southeast

Hey all,
I know I haven't been posting a lot.
But this is important.

The SCC has a chance to win $250,000 to purchase 2 properties and maintain existing trails and climbing areas through the Pepsi Refresh Project. You can vote everyday for the month of November. So please, take a moment for the next 28 days to vote for expanding our climbing areas and preserving some Southeastern wilderness.

Check out the video, made by friends of mine.

Oh, and sign up for a daily email reminder. They promise to only spam you for the month of November :)
(if they do afterward, let me know, although I'll be getting spammed too, so I'll probably already know)

Last if you want to find out more about the SCC check out their website. And get out there and explore some of the fantastic work they have already done!

Here is Amos enjoying Boatrock
(He's wondering why A &M haven't figured out how to get up here yet)

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