Monday, February 16, 2009

A quick story before bed

It seems like it is yet again one of those nights. M is asleep on the couch and I am here at the computer, tired but not quite ready for bed.

I haven't written down a new neighborhood antidote in a while so here goes. As you all know we are building our house in a "emerging" neighborhood. This brings a lot of culture into my little Midwest born-and-bred life. And the vast majority of it I truly enjoy and appreciate.

So... the other day I was out in the driveway of the house and a minivan stops in the street in front of me and rolls down the window. Now, I am not alarmed, as this happens at least once a week when I am over at the house. People have a lot of questions and some of them they actually ask.

This time in the van was a woman about my age, driving, and a woman who appeared to be her mother in the passenger seat.

This was the woman with questions.

Here is how the conversation went:

"What is that?" She asks, curiously, but not rude

"A house" I answer

"In this neighborhood??" She replies with a head bob and swing I will never be able to replicate. After all, she was born with a sense of rhythm.
"Who's house is it?" she then asks

I say "it's mine"

"In this neighborhood??" She replies with the same bit of cultural attitude
"To sell?" she then asks

"No" I say, "my husband and I are going to live in it"

"you are?" she says, "In this neighborhood??"

By this time I can see that her daughter is frantically trying to shush her. While crouching as low in the drivers seat as she can.

After a few more questions followed by "In this neighborhood??" they bid me a good day and drive on.

I'm sure we are viewed as "those crazy white kids, building that crazy (or possibly godawful) house" But all-in-all our new neighbors have been very friendly and welcoming to us. Sitting on the front steps yesterday, I kept thinking this is going to be a good place to be..."In this neighborhood??" She replies

Oh and just to let all of you know...the roof is finally on!! That means stucco and wiring cannot be far behind. yay!


Anneathema said...

I had almost the same experience when we were getting our floors done. The guy wanted to cut all these corners because he thought we were prepping a rental.

Zilla said...

lol!! Well, you were in the same neighborhood!!