Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life through the flickering computer monitor

So much of life seems to happen these days with a keyboard under my fingers and my eyes glued to the screen above. Reading the latest email from a friend, finding out about the cute thing that their child had done, a tragic story of a loved one, the latest plans for a trip or meeting, or a new recipe to try. They all come at me through my email, google reader, or facebook. Drawing me closer to my friends and family, exploring new ideas, sharing the latest news or gossip. But also putting a glass wall up at the same time. Being connected, but not, through the wireless internet.

I curse and adore the technology around me. I love that I feel connected with everyone I hold dear while on the road or sitting in my living room, but also miss the phone calls that seem to be replaced by texts, the facebook post instead of a letter. On the same token, I am able to keep up with so many more of my dear friends by utilizing this cursed technology. And we all know how good I am with the phone call / letter writing thing. I still have not gotten my Christmas presents mailed out!

Lately it seems that life has been through some pretty high highs and some pretty low lows for those around me. M and I seem to be bystanders touched by these joys and tragedies rather than participants lately, but I also know that can change in an instant and you all would be there for me as I am there for you.

So I guess what I am saying is keep posting, emailing, and sharing. The lives we lead are nothing if we do not share the little things and the big things. Please know that I am jumping for joy with your successes and triumphs and shedding a tear, or a few more, for your failures, tragedies and heartbreaks and, as always, saying a prayer. These connections keep us together, even if they come through a computer screen instead of over a cup of coffee. But, if you ever want to truly chat know that I am, at most, only a phone call away.

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