Saturday, March 6, 2010

A walk with the Amos

I think all of Atlanta has spring fever these days. As with the rest of the US, it has been cold and snowy and not how spring should be here in the Southeast. Today was one of those days that lets us know that this cold, snowy, rainy crap isn't going to last forever. Bright blue skies, a shining sun, birds singing and squirrels, lots of squirrels. So after running errands in the morning. Amos and I set out for a little trek around the neighborhood this afternoon.

His goal: to rid the neighborhood of all of those damn squirrels.

My goal: to see if we could get some of the spring fever out of his system.

On a mission...Squirrels

A sign of spring, Amos wasn't impressed

I smell squirrels!!

Squirrels, squirrels everywhere, if only they weren't so fast!!

A glimpse of the Atlanta skyline

Almost home, Amos can smell it

And home again.

At the end of our walk it was, Amos: 0 Squirrels: 100
Maybe he'll have better luck next time!

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