Friday, April 10, 2009

Got Purple?

Got Purple?
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Yup, Bitter Chocolate sure is bitter...when it turns purple on your window trim!

Quincy, at the Sherwin-William's store, says it will be truer to it's bitter chocolate color, with more coats. But, I don't think M and I are willing to risk it. So I had Quincy match the paint to the gutters. It looks brown to me now...we'll see what it looks like on the windows after today's predicted thunderstorms pass through.

We also decided that the dark brown is a little too dark for the light stucco, but should look great with the dark stucco and the cypress.

Stay tuned for more house progress. Any guesses on the day we will move in???

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La said...

I say the 28th, then we will all help you unpack!