Saturday, September 20, 2008

Moving Dirt!

It has begun!

Anybody, need some dirt? A&W are taking some, but we have plenty to go around.

So, A visited the site yesterday and caught our neighbor Mr J (I have a feeling that this is the first of many Mr J stories) guiltily wheeling his wheelbarrow across the street and taking dirt. She said "take all you want, they want you to take it" so he did, but was still feeling guilty. When M and I arrive on site for our first Friday Night Happy Hour, he quickly came out of his house and told us what he did. Then asked if he could take some more. We happily said yes.

But, even with A&W and Mr J and his wheelbarrow. We have plenty of dirt to remove from the site. Anybody want some?


A & W said...

I didn't actually tell Mr. J that...I just thought that he should know that. Good thing he confessed to you guys. Maybe it will all be gone by Monday.

Zilla said...

Mr J took all he could, but ran into a little road block once the loose dirt was gone. So, he stopped over when we were at the site today and asked if the guys could "loosen up" some more dirt for him on Monday. M said he thought it could be arranged.

M and I also met some more of our neighbors and they said that they would take dirt too!! They want to fill in their backyard. M is headed back over there this afternoon to help them get set for Monday.

So, between A&W, Mr J, and our new neighbors M&B I think this dirt will be gone!

Eliza said...

Will would be so excited to know that you had an excavator on your job site. He got to "drive" one on Saturday.

Hope you guys are well. We're looking forward to Thanksgiving. Is Bud coming, too?