Friday, May 2, 2008

How old am I??

Yes, you all know how old I am it is clearly stated in the picture a few posts below, but the Mothership offers yearly health evaluations and I decided to partake this year.

So, this involves blood work and a fitness evaluation. Now, I hate needles, but I decided to deal with it anyway. At least they draw it from your arm and not pricking your finger. I HATE having my finger pricked. A fact my mother, a med tech, loves. After all, having your teenage child screaming in terror from something you do for a living has to be gratifying.

Anyway, so a week or so ago I survived the horror of having my blood drawn. I'm sure Stella is laughing at me right now after all she suffered through recently, but I'm pretty sure I had "the foley" when I was 6 and probably younger. Maybe that is where my fear of needles came from?

Back to my story, I had my blood drawn. I made it through, but felt woozy afterwards, so I got the nurse to give me a juice box. That was probably because I was starving, why do they always make you fast??

A week later I came in for the fitness evaluation where they do all this "static" testing, which means they have all these instruments that can measure your level of fitness without making you sweaty. They did the usual routine, blood pressure, height (I'm actually 5' 3.5", the tallest I've ever been!) and weight. They they had you lie on a exam table for 5 minutes with a heart monitor so they could test your cardio recovery, whatever that is. You do the sit and reach like your doing the Presidential Fitness Challenge from elementary school. I have to confess, that this is the only portion I consistently passed. Lastly. they put you back on the scale and make you do a static curl. Really weird. When that is all said and done, they review it with you and give you your "body age"..... any guesses??


*Now, while I did fairly well in everything I do have to say, they screwed up the curl and forgot to subtract my weight from the static curl. So, my body age is probably a little closer to early 20 something, but I'm still impressed with myself. I think cutting out the wheat definitely helped with my new younger self.

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