Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Midweek update

Atlanta is still recovering from the tornado. There are some pretty scary pictures on line and some pretty crazy stories. I'm glad everyone was ok through the whole ordeal.

M & I went downtown for church on Sunday. Our beautiful church, which survived the burning of Atlanta, weathered the storms just fine. On the drive in we passed by Cabbagetown and the Fulton cotton mill lofts, which didn't fair as well.

A friend's apartment suffered extensive damage, she is currently looking for a place that will take animals and has a short term lease. Does anybody have any ideas?

The House:
Still standing.

Supposedly the demo was supposed to start today, but the rain delayed it, again. With all the storms, not even a branch was out of place on the site.

Odd Trivia:
The Runaway bride's ex-fiance has gotten married to another woman. Good for him!

Speaking of trivia, the world's largest trivia contest, now in it's 39th year, starts in a few weeks. For those of you not in 'sconi, they now allow teams to play by streaming the broadcast online. Those crazy Wisconsinites sure have fun with this contest, if you are in Stevens Point the parade is worth checking out. Oh, and there is actually a movie about the contest, I wonder if it is as good as Wordplay?

M & I hope our friends and family have a safe travels this Easter weekend. And L be sure to save me some borscht, I'll be up next week to get it.

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