Sunday, October 11, 2009

A weekend to myself

M has been crazy busy at work, and with a deadline approaching has gotten even busier. So, this weekend besides going to a stellar concert with M and friends on Friday, and church followed by Ria's of course, I basically had the house and weekend to myself...

Did I clean? nah.

Did I paint the walls that needed touch ups? no.

How about finish my counter tops? nope.

Did I cook?
Of course.

I started Saturday morning off with a great breakfast of homemade biscuits and eggs. Yum! Kate from Gluten Free Gobsmacked has a great biscuit recipe. I also made a huge batch of chili and some corn muffins, since the weather is starting to get cooler, at least cooler for GA.

After that great breakfast, which occurred at about noon or so, I pulled out my trusty 1960's era Kenmore sewing machine, handed down to me from my Grandma H, and got to work.

My mom had given me this great felted bag for my birthday. I had just one issue with it, stuff. I stuff all my purses full of necessary "stuff", especially when I travel. I had taken that bag with me out west, only to have it hanging around my knees when I finished the trip.

Knowing that it would happen again, I decided to line it. (you can see the lining in the handle)

I then decided what good is a lined bag without pockets. So, I added some of them too.

It now fits all my necessary stuff.

Doesn't hang down to my knees

And has a handy cell phone pocket to boot!

And my sewing escapades didn't end there. Today I attempted my first slip cover. While, I am still deciding if I like the slipcover. It will no longer fall off from various animals taking naps on the couch.

I thought the pillow was a nice little add

Lastly, as soon as I finish hiding the ends, some cold little boy in MN will be getting a blanket.
It took a little while to work out the "knitting on the bias" but I think the end result made it totally worth the effort.

Oh, and for those inquiring minds, the stellar concert was Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Abigail Washburn opening. A great banjo playing night was had by all. We followed this up with a trip to the local for chicken and hushpuppies. Unfortunately, I think the hushpuppies may be off my list from now on, as I suspect there was a little wheat mixed in with the cornmeal. Either that or in my old age I have become a supreme lightweight, ugh.


Anneathema said...

My goodness. I got so tired just from reading your post that I had to go lie down on the fainting couch. ;-)

A and W said...

You are one talented chica! As if I didn't know that already! Nice job!

Hope you guys had fun at Ria's tonight. We considered going...oh well. We should get together soon...hopefully before the Gunks! code word for verification is mathoomi. I like that!

Jess P. said...

Nice work! I love all the pockets in the bag!!

Zilla said...

Thanks all!

If it helps, I have so far taken to supreme laziness this weekend and have yet to get out of my pajamas, and get candy and a costume for tonight!